Pixobit Solutions


Real World Problem:

We live in a time where almost everything can be managed online, and the reason for this is, that we kind of outsource part of the job to the machines, when we go online. Outsourcing part of the job, not only leaves us with more time on our hands, and allows us to focus on what actually matters, but in many cases a machine can do a way better job than a person can. Putting things this way, it makes a lot of sense why everybody is trying to go online with their businesses. However most salons still handle reservations through phone calls, which not only distracts them from their job, but it's also harder for people to contact them, and book a preferred time.

Our Solution:

In short, our solution to this problem, is to create an online space for every salon, with the possibility to handle bookings. This means they can create a profile with their schedule, services, webpage and the booking system will automatically accomodates to their schedule, and already booked times. This way they will get a lot of new customers online, and customers will also be happier, as the booking process is much more comfortable.


Because people are not yet so familiar with this kind of booking, we made it easier to transition, by creating a phone app, that will make it very easy to enter new reservations, when somebody calls in. This way the new bookings will still appear in the system, and will avoid conflict over new online bookings.