Pixobit Solutions


They asked for:

They asked for a robust scraper, that is able to scrape tens of thousands of rss feed content from allowed sources in matter of minutes, which then will show the link to the original content. The engine consists of a manager, which carefully manages several workers (threads), that grabs the content and automatically recognizes missing content, which is later carefully filled out by the scraper automatically, by using a self taught machine.

The challenge:

The engine's power lies in the efficient caching of already scraped content, the possibility to collect important keywords from the content, and an artificial intelligence, that is capable of deciding the content's theme. The combination of these made it possible to connect the content with relevant twitter posts and overall, made it a very powerful platform to see the latest news as soon as possible.

User experience:

To make this even more useful for users, we decided to allow people to use personalized hashtags for their own news feed, this way everybody can create a personalized news feed from the latest news of personal interest.