Pixobit Solutions

Diameter is one of those websites, where simplicity meets modern ux. The ui was carefully designed by the awesome team at diameter.at, and our job was to bring it to life in an efficient manner.


We were challenged to create something unusual compared to other webdesigns, and we did just that, by creating unique controls if they didn't exist, and making sure it works well everywhere. We like to be challenged and bring to life even your craziest ideas.


To have the best user experience, we also had to make sure everything is smooth, no matter the content. For this we used techniques like guessing the what images will likely be viewed by the user, based on navigation, and preload them. We also made sure the site weights as little as possible, so viewing on a device becomes really lite weight.

User experience:

At the end of the day, what we really care about, is a good user experience, therefore it's the holy grail of the website. The goal is to deliver the information to the user in the most pleasent way possible. To achieve this, we made sure everything works smoothly, by making it lite weight, and using animations. However, we also made sure the website works as expected on every device, because every device is different, and we want to make sure everybody gets the full experience. In order to achieve this, we carefully tested the website on numerous devices, to cover different browsers, and different screen sizes.