Pixobit Solutions

  • become-friends

    Let's be friends

    We want to meet you, not just because we like to make friends, but also because we want to understand you better. For this, we will want to know everything about you, your business and your vision. We want to create this persona of yours, and use it to develop your website.

  • work-together

    Let's design it together

    Once we understand more about your project, we jump right into designing it (of course we can skip this part if you already own a design). This is a collaboration process, as we want to hear from you in the process, and want your feedback during the entire process, so we can hand you over something satisfactory.

  • track-progress

    You should see the whole process live

    Once we have the visual part finished, we will set up a development environment, where you can closely monitor the process. And start creating a fully functioning website based on the visual design.

  • fill-with-content

    Let's add some content to it

    Now that we have everything ready, let's take your content and put it into your fresh new website. Your customers will come for the content, so this part is crucial for every website. We'll make sure that the content looks great and/or works great.

  • website-testing

    Test, test and a bit more test

    So at this point we have everything ready to go. But before we launch, we will ask you to test it, and see if you find any issues. This process will be the fine-tuning of the whole website. Making sure everything is in place, and we don't miss anything.

  • before-launch

    Just before going live

    It's time to go live. This means you approved that the site is working as expacted, and the time has come, to present it to the world. This process includes taking care of the domain, webhosting and making sure google sees it as well.

  • launch-website

    Let's launch!

    Hooray, your site is live, and everybody has access to it. Even though this is a satisfactory event, it's not the end, it's quite the opposite, the beginning. We'll support you for 4 months after the launch, which includes fixing any issues and answer questions. If you need any new developments for your website, we'll discuss that separately.